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Resources for Patients

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Geriatric Depression Information Sheet for Patients

Local Support groups

  • Depression and Bipolar support alliance (DSBA) Collier County Chapter and support group – contact Charis (239) 994-6977

  • Website link:

Other Services

  • FREE Pain Clinic of Southwest Florida

  • The philosophy of the Southwest Florida Free Pain Clinic is to treat patients using a Functional Medicine model – treating the whole person: physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. We work with our patients to develop an individual treatment plan to address their pain and other issues at the root causes. We do not just treat the symptoms. We take the time and effort to provide the medical and social case management necessary to restore patient health. We also address nutrition and lifestyle issues that affect healing and treatment success.

  • Find more information here:

  • Senior Friendship Centers offers Free Services

  • As an organization, our goals are to: Empower older adults to live active, healthy lives to improve all aspects of health, Promote good nutrition and physical activity to maintain healthy lifestyles, Provide crisis/supportive intervention and help promote financial stability through education and community resources, and Allow older people to maintain their independence and live in their own homes for as long as possible.

  • Find more information here:

  • FREE Community Support for Veterans: Home Base

  • We provide care to all Veterans and Families, regardless of ability to pay or discharge status, and utilize a “three generation” model of care that extends to parents, children, and extended family members who are effectively integrated into care. Our integrated team of child and adult psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, licensed clinical social workers, addictions specialists, and peer-to-peer outreach coordinators – all of whom are Veterans and/or Family Members of the Post-9/11 wars – work together to ensure that Veterans and their Families receive or are connected to appropriate and uniquely-tailored care

  • Find more information here:

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